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BorderWars 2002

Thanks for coming to

Borderwars 2002

Heart of America HMGS would like to thank everyone who attended the convention, especially those who came in from out of town. Special "Thanks for coming" to our LONG RIDER award winner John Smith, who made it all the way from Arizona to come to our show!

Everyone who did come got to play in some great games put on by the Elite wargamers of Kansas City.

The convention theme, ITALY, was well represented with a dozen games dedicated to it.

Robert Koffman won the Best Display award for his Battle of Tofrek, British in the Sudan.

We'll get that trophy sent out to you, Bob.

Bill Boyle & Troy Price won the Most Historical award for K.I.S.S. Rommel North Africa WWII game. It ended with the Germans declining a draw and then getting beat in a last ditch stand by the British.

Bill Boyle receives his Most Historical trophy from Convention Director Brian Beal

Special Guest, Larry Freeman put on two good looking games with his new Command Combat WWII rules. Everyone who played was very impressed with the rules and the games.

Pillar of the Kansas City Wargaming community George Knapp received the Rothery Award for his innovative AWI and Battle of the Bulge games of the past year. As well as for always being there for Heart of America by helping promote, run the silent auction at and sell his books and figs at our conventions.

HAHMGS President Dave Smith (left) looks on as George Knapp (right) tearfully thanks HAHMGS for the Rothery Award

Hearty thanks to everyone who helped man the front desk, especially Dale Starr, Greg McCall & Todd Carter.

Thanks to John Cleeves & Dave Smith for running the Warrior and WABfest ancient tournaments respectively. We even had a DBM tournament for the first time ever at a HAHMGS convention! Big thanks to Pat Lewis for stepping in at the last minute to run our DBM tournament!

From top to bottom: Wabfest, Fast Warrior, DBM

The convention theme, ITALY, was well represented with a dozen games dedicated to it.

$75 in admission fees was refunded to those who put on a game incorporating the theme.

As usual, everyone who put on a game received a $10 Renaissance Ink gift certificate, which they could cash in right there at the show.

So, remember that when people talk about rewarding those who put on games. HAHMGS hands out cold hard cash and hot soft gift certificates!

We had more people at the fall show than we did at the spring show for the first time in years. Instead of a 20% drop from our spring show, like we usually have, we actually had a 10% increase.

Based on this attendance boost, we will be moving to a new location for the spring 2003 show.

Check out our CTA2003 page for details on our next show!

Heart of America Miniature gaming Society (HAHMGS) is a not for profit corporation registered in the State of Missouri. The purpose of this society is to promote historical gaming in miniature and the study of military history. Towards this goal we publish the Communique and sponsor two conventions a year:
Call to Arms in the Spring and Border Wars in the Fall.


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